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BackToSleep 2012 (p-sci.com/BackToSleep)

All My Stuff for Windows Phone 7

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Productivity Scientific BackToSleep is must have utility for any laptop user who likes to keep it in sleep mode. This software protects laptop by putting it back into sleep every time it awakes in unwanted situation like travelling in carrying bag.

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GTD Timer 2012 (GTD-Timer.com)

Productivity Scientific GTD Timer is a simple and easy to use software countdown timer focused on GTD (Getting Things Done) approach. It is free for personal use. The software designed with excellent ergonomics, perfect design and simplicity in mind. Main features: shows countdown in floating window and System Tray; allows to play sound and/or run any command when countdown finishes; support multiple copies; support launch from command-line





All My Stuff for Windows Phone 7 (Marketplace link)

All My Stuff for Windows Phone 7

Productivity Scientific All My Stuff is the perfect personal inventory keeping software. Keep inventory of items of any kind (CD/DVD disc, books, clothing, computer software, instruments etc.)

All My Stuff is also great to track items you’ve lent to other people or archived to storage boxes, create wish or shopping lists.

All My Stuff is pretty simple in use – just add an item to collection, use camera to take a photo of it, download an image from the Internet or leave it default. Then give it a title, short description, choose category and location. Whenever you need it, browse or search your collection of stuff to find something required or just remember what you have and where it is.

Review of All My Stuff at wmpoweruser.com.